My inspiration ♥


Strawberry Singh

I been wanting to create a blog that will talk about many things in Second Life and a bit of my Real Life. I will probably share a bit of the real me every now and then but I want to focus more on the life I live in when I want to escape reality. I know there are tons of fashion and lifestyle bloggers on SL but Strawberry Singh is different. I started reading her blog two years ago because her posts are always informative and very educational. I learned how to appreciate the many sims in the virtual world because she encourage readers like me to explore beautiful sims in SL. I was able to understand how I should improve my avatar by using the right tools. She would discuss many topics and they are not only about beautifying an avatar… a lot of them makes you realize there is something beautiful happening in this virtual community and you can find them just by clicking that mouse. When I read her posts, it makes me like to stay on Second Life and find the creative side of me. Many people say that SL can be creepy, even I, for awhile thought the same way but now, it is different. I want to do many things on SL. I wish to be like Strawberry, but I know I can only be me. I hope this first blog post is the start of my new amazing adventure on Second Life.



Body : Lara Maitreya Mesh Body

Hair : Clove Fudge Wasabi Pills Mesh Hair

Footwear : CandyDoll Lucy Wedges in Black

Shorts : Blueberry Ripped Denim Shorts Belted

Top : Dead Cute Tank by *Boom* Clothing Co.

Socks : Girl Thursday (gt) Sports Socks

Location : My beach home at Azure Island


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