Peace for Paris ♥


I’d like to give my condolences to the family of the people whose lives were affected by the recent terrorist attack in Paris, France. Hundreds of people were killed and the whole country is still in fear. I hope that leaders all over the world will work together and find a way to put a stop to this inhumane actions. My country, the Philippines, experienced these kind of terrible attacks almost every year, and now that the Presidential election is around, it is going to be extreme on the far province of Mindanao where many of our Muslim brothers and sisters lives. Even now, I still do not understand why some heartless groups enjoys when inflicting fear and heartache to many innocent people.

On Facebook, users can change their profile photo and add a symbol that resembles France’s flag, it is the community’s way of showing support to France and it’s people. Our sympathy, prayers and support to France and to all the countries who suffers from violent attacks in different forms. Peace to everyone!


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