Not a cheapskate ♥

When I was new to Second Life, I could not afford to buy anything … no decent shoes, no cute hair and I was stuck in burnt color tone Skin which is a freebie handed to me by my real life cousin. I was a regular at Freebie Galaxy hahaha, I think I visited that place almost every day because for a noobie like me during those days, that was truly a heaven. My special thank you to the owner of that sim, you helped many people on SL, and I was one of them.

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click to view full image

Now that I can afford to buy some really good stuff, I love buying high quality clothing and furniture. I am very picky though, because even if the item was created by a popular designer, it does not always mean it will look good to me or my sim. I believe that I am a smart consumer as I consider the price and quality of what I am purchasing – though there were also  times when I thought it was the end of the world and I would purchase an item without thinking straight, which is not very often (*winks).

Very often than not, you will see me fighting my way through Fifty Linden Friday event which is a weekly sale for stores that sell a particular item for only 50 L. This weekly event means serious business – 50 L for high quality items! I have been an avid follower and consumer of all their participating stores for more than a year now and was able to get a  hold of many beautiful items. I also love gifts from many great stores. Some groups have joining fees but they are really worth paying for since they give away discounts and exclusive gift items. Every now and then, I also join Hunts. It can be really tiring but what many participating stores are so generous with the items that they give away for free, I am so lucky that I always get to have the good stuff. Hunts are fun when you do it in groups. Gather your friends and do it altogether.

If you have any suggestions on where to find freebies and good discounts, feel free to leave a comment on this post.

My outfit

Dress ::: Sweater Dress Fitted Mesh Chevron Grey from Bueno

Footwear ::: Zadar Boots Gift from Hucci

Hair ::: Estelle from Elikatira

Sim ::: Tres Blah store

Join the Fifty Linden Friday group to get a weekly list of participating stores that offers 50 L sale

Website for SL Freebies ::: Second Life Freebies

Website for SL Fairs and Hunts ::: Seraphim


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