Solitude ♥

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There are times that I just enjoy being alone in Second Life and Real Life. I can accomplish many things when I am focused to what I am doing, and it is when all the creative juices comes out. I do want to be with someone someday, hopefully that someone is very good in conversation. I would love to be with someone who I will learn from and who can speak his mind. Most of my friends in RL got married and then get preggy in their early 20s … yup, after our College graduation. I can’t help but ask, “Why did you even go to College when all you really dreamed of is to cook for your husband and do the whole family’s laundry?” I just don’t get it but then, who am I to judge? It is not a sin to choose having a family over career. To each his own. Perhaps, I am just still selfish and can not give up my ambition.

People make their own destiny and it is wise to choose a path that will make you happy. After all, it is your life. If in the end, I will live all by myself, alone … I just hope I won’t be lonely.

The What Next store is an amazing sim. All of their items were scattered all over the place and so the splash of colors are just everywhere. I was able to use the outdoor decors as demos and took advantage of some of them for my photo shoot. Many of my home decors are from this store and they are always good quality.

My outfit

Hair :::  Gift Truth Hair

Top ::: Madeon Checked Jacket Red from Emery

Bottom :::  Nina Zip Leggings Charcoal Print from  Miss Chelsea for Uber Event

Footwear :::  Kiki Booties Burnt from Baiastice

Jewelry ::: Anchor Necklace Rose from Paper Arrow

Sim ::: What Next Store


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