Heart Forever ♥



Three years ago I created an alt that will serve as my storage and in-charge of all home decor and landscaping tools. I named her HeartForever – my avatar that represents the creative side of me when it comes to decorating sims. Heart does not go to clubs but, she enjoys live performances on SL. She only has four friends on her list and she even hides from them as she does not like to talk to anyone. She pretty much just exist but definitely no life at all.

Lately, I noticed that I have started to use Heart as my getaway. She has been interacting a lot with others – even friendlier than my main avatar. She has a personality now and starting to develop a habit of shopping for home and outdoor decors that I pretty much will never use, or even unpack. I know it is weird that my main avatar will have to use an alt to have a getaway on  SL when my reason for being on SL is to have a getaway from real life. I guess what I am trying to say is, I have become workaholic on SL too. Sad but true.


Heart is different from my main avatar, Dawn. She does not shop for fancy clothes, she only has four special outfits. She is also a  100% mesh – Ball Jointed Doll which I purchased from *COCO* BJD Avatar Store. The store offers free mesh heads and a few outfits for the bolted doll avatar. When I log in as Heart, I feel free and I don’t feel any pressure to do anything special on SL for anyone else’s happiness. Heart Forever represents another side of me – which is the love for decorating and landscaping. Though I want to keep some “ME” time when logged in as Heart, feel free to say Hi when you see her 🙂 Just a Hi okay? No conversation please LOL :p

The Avatar details :

Hair ::: Sian Crystal Violet from Wasabi Pills

Avatar ::: *COCO* BJD Avatar

Head ::: Kyoto Head from *COCO* BJD Avatar

Costume ::: Kimono and Doll Sheep Sweater Beige from *COCO* BJD Avatar