Happy Valentines Day Mat ♥

I know time will come, that we will be able to hold each other’s hands,

That we will be able to cuddle and kiss each other under the moonlight.

Someday, we will be able to walk in the park,

Or make sand castles on the beach.

I know one day, I will be able to kiss you for real.

Touch your skin so gently and play with your hair with my fingers.

The thought of it excites me. The thought of it makes me happy.

I can’t wait for that day to happen, I can’t wait for that day to come.

For now, I can only whisper to the wind “I love you.”

I know this heartfelt greetings will reach you.

Patiently and Lovingly, I will wait for you.







Happy Birthday to Me ♥

The start of year 2016 is so crazy for me. My RL took over and I was not able to update my blog but hopefully, by 2nd week of February, I will be able to be productive on SL. By the way, I should remind myself to unpack all of the gifts and items I got from SL. My inventory is loaded with a lot of boxes and notecards that needed attention .. just thinking about it makes me want to faint.  I love the month of January only because it is my RL birthday month, and yes I don’t like the fact that I will be adding another year to my age but it does not really matter because I never really cared about getting old. There is so much that I want to accomplish this year both in personal and profession, I have to stay focus and continue to be positive to achieve them.

Someone asked me what is my birthday wish .. they are very simple actually but takes a lot of effort to achieve. First is good health for me and my loved ones, continued success in everything I do, peace of mind and contentment, and the last but not the least, to finally be with my love Mat (and marry him LOL). I am super duper excited and can’t wait to see what fabulous things is in store for me this year.


If you are wondering what sim on SL I took my photo from, well, it is the most popular strip and dance club in SL, The Pink Velvet Club. The #1 strip club recently celebrated it’s 7th anniversary and they promise more fun stuff happening this year 2016. It is one of my favorite places on SL and I hope you can all come down and party with amazing dancers and friends of the club.

Oh, if you see me on SL and I dont respond to your IM, please don’t hate me because I am on my vacation. I am spending my birthday in an awesome resort with my family. I will be back inworld by mid February to DJ, Blog, and hang out with you all my friends. Kisses ♥

Details ♥

Top ::: Jessica Loose Tank by Erratic

Bottom ::: Jersey Brief by Erratic

Top photo Hair ::: Out of the Woods by Exile

Bottom Photo Hair ::: Irena Hair by Boudoir

Footwear ::: Lydie D. Booties by Ingenue

Necklace ::: Violette Cut Bead Boho by Maxi Gossamer

Bottom Photo Lingerie ::: Delice Lingerie by Erratic

Sim ::: The Pink Velvet Club

Me and my Boyfriend ♥


I am very proud to say that me and my partner, Mat, have been together for three solid years in Second Life. I still find myself chuckling whenever I remember how I met him. I was on a dance pole, doing my sexy dances when I saw him landed at The Pink Velvet Club. He was wearing this odd looking beach shorts with a noobie skin and hair. I said Hi to him and he was nice enough to go on the couch and started talking to me. He was a gentleman and quite generous with tips, to think I did not even take off my bikinis. We started talking about where we were located in RL and pretty much talked about each other’s real stuff. I thought he was just one of those men who will talk to me today and never again tomorrow, it was an SL stripper thing – LOL .. by the way, he never asked for sex No No No!

Click on video above – this was my gift for Mat on Valentines Day 2013

Mat and I are friends first, then lovers. The constant conversation on Skype and knowing that he would stay up until 1 AM for me even if he has to work at 7 am the next day, made me realize that this guy must be up to something “nice”. I get excited when he goes online and I love spending countless hours with him – there is never a dull moment with my love. We love to laugh, watch movies online, we love to make fun of people – and each other too LOL. When he finally asked me if he can add me to real life Facebook, I was so happy, and then one day he told me that, he would love to make our relationship a real one and that there is no need for him to be on SL all the time since he has always wanted me to be his Real Life love … I almost faint! After 3 years, we are still together … we had our ups and downs, we went through it all. I am very happy that we were able to endure each other’s dramatic moment.

It is never easy to have this virtual and long distance relationship. He is from Canada, I am from the Philippines. Since we want to make it work, we work hard to make it work. My frustration of being away from him, not being able to cuddle, kiss and hold hands is really heartbreaking but I need to accept it because that is how it is for now. If there is anything that I really treasure about my relationship with Mat is that we have created our own world on SL. We have a beautiful beach home, we have a stubborn perverted cat, Sphynx, we both love to put our avatars in awkward positions (LOL) and we just enjoy discovering new things inworld.


I don’t really know if it is still possible but, maybe someday, me and my love, Mat, will meet in real life. If not, I will still treasure the good  times and will wish him the best as I know, that he has a good heart. Second Life has been good to me, Mat is one of it’s amazing gifts and it is also a reason why I still believe there are good people in the community. I know for a fact there are genuine real love stories on SL and I hope that you will find and make your own love story too. Love love love ❤

Dawn’s Avatar Detail

Head ::: Logo Alex Mesh Head and Aria Dark Tone from Lara Hurley

Hair ::: Foxy by Truth Hair

Footwear ::: Lucy Wedges in Rose from CandyDoll

Top ::: Cropped Top in Pink from Blueberry

Bottom ::: Sylvia Shorts in White from Blueberry

Mat’s Avatar Detail

Head :::  Belleza

Body ::: The Mesh Project (TMP)

Bottom :::

Hat :::

Sunglasses :::

Beard :::


Pet ::: French Bulldog from O.M.E.N. for The Arcade Gacha gift

Pose on Couch ::: Gamer Couple from Belle Poses for Winter Trend 2015

Pose Standing ::: 111 from Pose Maniacs