The New Dawn ♥

The new Dawn – click to see full image

For the longest time, I was wearing the Al Vulo Sarah Shine Sunkissed Skin. I bought it year 2013 and I promised myself that I won’t ever change how my avi looked. Many people liked my avatar, I get many compliments and so I was very confident that there is no need for me to give in to this whole mesh head craze.

Well, I was wrong. I gave in to the craze and maybe I will not regret it (LOL). When I first showed this to my boyfriend, he was a bit hesitant and he felt like it does not represent me. We were both really feeling weird about me having a new skin as we are both so used to the sweet image that my previous avatar has. It was my friend Abbey Bigboots who tagged me to a blog post on Facebook and encouraged me to check out this very cute skin. I thought it was just one of those mesh head + skins that I will probably try the demo and then trash it. I am not going to lie, I did not like this skin when I bought it and wore it for the first three days … I kinda miss the “sweet looking Dawn”. So I wore the skin and never took it off. I stared at it and was trying to figure out what hair will look best in her and how will I make her look sweet.

Last night, after a long day at RL work and before going to bed, I logged in to SL. I stared at her for a long time and rotated her while she was on a pose stand. I dressed her up with my favorite dress, hair and shoes that my old skin hasn’t worn before. I think she is starting to be the Dawn that I want her to be.  She has that classy, kinda dominant and that “dont you dare f*ck with me” look (Yay!). I think what really cracked me up was when my boyfriend’s avatar saw the new me all glammed up and I was trying to make my avi flirt with him and then he said “I feel like I am cheating on the old Dawn but, it is allowed.” (LOL) Such a horndog :p


I would like to give props to the gorgeous Lara Hurley – she is the creator of my skin. She was very sweet when I reached out to her and asked so many noob questions regarding my new skin. I promised her that I will send her a photo of Dawn once I am done making her the “Dawn” I want her to be. By the way, Lara Hurley also informed me that she will be updating the Aria Skin applier, adding make up and tattoo layers, since Alex Logo Mesh Head  was updated recently. If you were like me who purchased the Aria Skin Applier exclusively made for Alex Logo, then be sure to visit the store one of these days and hit the Redeliver Terminal for an updated version of the skin applier.

I also want to say thank you to Abbey Bigboots and Melangel Thespian who guided me so patiently on how to apply the Omegas and the default mesh head (Yes, I was that noob!). Special thanks also to my pretty sistah for life Sibyl Vane, the super helpful group members of Omega Appliers Systems Support and Fifty Linden Friday for giving me tips and sharing their knowledge on how to use the huds and where to get the best deals to make my avatar look even more beautiful.

I am happy with the new me on Second life. I don’t want to sound so shallow, but I realized that I really need a change and this new skin is a perfect representation of the new role I am playing inworld. This is definitely The New Dawn.

My outfit and details on the new skin and mesh head

Mesh Head ::: Alex Mesh Head from LOGO

Skin ::: Aria Dark skin tone Applier from Lara Hurley

Hair ::: Tako Rigged from !Ohmai! Salon

Dress ::: Skater Dress Floral from Tres Blah

Necklace ::: Pearl Necklaces Combo White from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery

Earrings ::: Simple Pearl Earring from Curious Kitties on Marketplace

Sim ::: Botanical – Seasonal Landscaping


Solitude ♥

click to view full image

click to view full image

There are times that I just enjoy being alone in Second Life and Real Life. I can accomplish many things when I am focused to what I am doing, and it is when all the creative juices comes out. I do want to be with someone someday, hopefully that someone is very good in conversation. I would love to be with someone who I will learn from and who can speak his mind. Most of my friends in RL got married and then get preggy in their early 20s … yup, after our College graduation. I can’t help but ask, “Why did you even go to College when all you really dreamed of is to cook for your husband and do the whole family’s laundry?” I just don’t get it but then, who am I to judge? It is not a sin to choose having a family over career. To each his own. Perhaps, I am just still selfish and can not give up my ambition.

People make their own destiny and it is wise to choose a path that will make you happy. After all, it is your life. If in the end, I will live all by myself, alone … I just hope I won’t be lonely.

The What Next store is an amazing sim. All of their items were scattered all over the place and so the splash of colors are just everywhere. I was able to use the outdoor decors as demos and took advantage of some of them for my photo shoot. Many of my home decors are from this store and they are always good quality.

My outfit

Hair :::  Gift Truth Hair

Top ::: Madeon Checked Jacket Red from Emery

Bottom :::  Nina Zip Leggings Charcoal Print from  Miss Chelsea for Uber Event

Footwear :::  Kiki Booties Burnt from Baiastice

Jewelry ::: Anchor Necklace Rose from Paper Arrow

Sim ::: What Next Store

Not a cheapskate ♥

When I was new to Second Life, I could not afford to buy anything … no decent shoes, no cute hair and I was stuck in burnt color tone Skin which is a freebie handed to me by my real life cousin. I was a regular at Freebie Galaxy hahaha, I think I visited that place almost every day because for a noobie like me during those days, that was truly a heaven. My special thank you to the owner of that sim, you helped many people on SL, and I was one of them.

click to view full image

click to view full image

Now that I can afford to buy some really good stuff, I love buying high quality clothing and furniture. I am very picky though, because even if the item was created by a popular designer, it does not always mean it will look good to me or my sim. I believe that I am a smart consumer as I consider the price and quality of what I am purchasing – though there were also  times when I thought it was the end of the world and I would purchase an item without thinking straight, which is not very often (*winks).

Very often than not, you will see me fighting my way through Fifty Linden Friday event which is a weekly sale for stores that sell a particular item for only 50 L. This weekly event means serious business – 50 L for high quality items! I have been an avid follower and consumer of all their participating stores for more than a year now and was able to get a  hold of many beautiful items. I also love gifts from many great stores. Some groups have joining fees but they are really worth paying for since they give away discounts and exclusive gift items. Every now and then, I also join Hunts. It can be really tiring but what many participating stores are so generous with the items that they give away for free, I am so lucky that I always get to have the good stuff. Hunts are fun when you do it in groups. Gather your friends and do it altogether.

If you have any suggestions on where to find freebies and good discounts, feel free to leave a comment on this post.

My outfit

Dress ::: Sweater Dress Fitted Mesh Chevron Grey from Bueno

Footwear ::: Zadar Boots Gift from Hucci

Hair ::: Estelle from Elikatira

Sim ::: Tres Blah store

Join the Fifty Linden Friday group to get a weekly list of participating stores that offers 50 L sale

Website for SL Freebies ::: Second Life Freebies

Website for SL Fairs and Hunts ::: Seraphim

Tranquil at Alirium ♥


I found this amazing place which is also a store for trees and grass. If you are into landscaping like me, you would definitely love the *Alirium* sim, it is also a store owned by …alirianna… (alir.flow). The store has a little place for terminals where you can avail their products and the rest of their vast sim is dedicated in showcasingthe beauty of what they are offering the consumers. The trees and grass are so beautifully realistic. I love their sim so much and the first time I went there, I knew I will come back to take some photos. The sim has a peaceful feel and made me want to have a getaway in real life to a place exactly like this.

There wasn’t too much lag and I did not use much of the windlight, setting it to either Sunset or Sunrise already made my photos look amazing. I encourage everyone to visit the *Alirium* store when you get the chance and take advantage of the amazing view to take photos of  yourself with the nature.

alirium sim


My outfit

Top ::: Wintry Cape & Top from Pixicat for Fifty Linden Friday

Bottom ::: Nina Zip Leggings Charcoal Print from  Miss Chelsea for Uber Event

Footwear ::: Abbie Pumps Black from REIGN for Fifty Linden Friday

Hair ::: Taissa Medium Roots from Pr!tty for Hair-o-logy Event

Sim :::  *Alirium* store

Peace for Paris ♥


I’d like to give my condolences to the family of the people whose lives were affected by the recent terrorist attack in Paris, France. Hundreds of people were killed and the whole country is still in fear. I hope that leaders all over the world will work together and find a way to put a stop to this inhumane actions. My country, the Philippines, experienced these kind of terrible attacks almost every year, and now that the Presidential election is around, it is going to be extreme on the far province of Mindanao where many of our Muslim brothers and sisters lives. Even now, I still do not understand why some heartless groups enjoys when inflicting fear and heartache to many innocent people.

On Facebook, users can change their profile photo and add a symbol that resembles France’s flag, it is the community’s way of showing support to France and it’s people. Our sympathy, prayers and support to France and to all the countries who suffers from violent attacks in different forms. Peace to everyone!

My inspiration ♥


Strawberry Singh

I been wanting to create a blog that will talk about many things in Second Life and a bit of my Real Life. I will probably share a bit of the real me every now and then but I want to focus more on the life I live in when I want to escape reality. I know there are tons of fashion and lifestyle bloggers on SL but Strawberry Singh is different. I started reading her blog two years ago because her posts are always informative and very educational. I learned how to appreciate the many sims in the virtual world because she encourage readers like me to explore beautiful sims in SL. I was able to understand how I should improve my avatar by using the right tools. She would discuss many topics and they are not only about beautifying an avatar… a lot of them makes you realize there is something beautiful happening in this virtual community and you can find them just by clicking that mouse. When I read her posts, it makes me like to stay on Second Life and find the creative side of me. Many people say that SL can be creepy, even I, for awhile thought the same way but now, it is different. I want to do many things on SL. I wish to be like Strawberry, but I know I can only be me. I hope this first blog post is the start of my new amazing adventure on Second Life.



Body : Lara Maitreya Mesh Body

Hair : Clove Fudge Wasabi Pills Mesh Hair

Footwear : CandyDoll Lucy Wedges in Black

Shorts : Blueberry Ripped Denim Shorts Belted

Top : Dead Cute Tank by *Boom* Clothing Co.

Socks : Girl Thursday (gt) Sports Socks

Location : My beach home at Azure Island