Happy Birthday to Me ♥

The start of year 2016 is so crazy for me. My RL took over and I was not able to update my blog but hopefully, by 2nd week of February, I will be able to be productive on SL. By the way, I should remind myself to unpack all of the gifts and items I got from SL. My inventory is loaded with a lot of boxes and notecards that needed attention .. just thinking about it makes me want to faint.  I love the month of January only because it is my RL birthday month, and yes I don’t like the fact that I will be adding another year to my age but it does not really matter because I never really cared about getting old. There is so much that I want to accomplish this year both in personal and profession, I have to stay focus and continue to be positive to achieve them.

Someone asked me what is my birthday wish .. they are very simple actually but takes a lot of effort to achieve. First is good health for me and my loved ones, continued success in everything I do, peace of mind and contentment, and the last but not the least, to finally be with my love Mat (and marry him LOL). I am super duper excited and can’t wait to see what fabulous things is in store for me this year.


If you are wondering what sim on SL I took my photo from, well, it is the most popular strip and dance club in SL, The Pink Velvet Club. The #1 strip club recently celebrated it’s 7th anniversary and they promise more fun stuff happening this year 2016. It is one of my favorite places on SL and I hope you can all come down and party with amazing dancers and friends of the club.

Oh, if you see me on SL and I dont respond to your IM, please don’t hate me because I am on my vacation. I am spending my birthday in an awesome resort with my family. I will be back inworld by mid February to DJ, Blog, and hang out with you all my friends. Kisses ♥

Details ♥

Top ::: Jessica Loose Tank by Erratic

Bottom ::: Jersey Brief by Erratic

Top photo Hair ::: Out of the Woods by Exile

Bottom Photo Hair ::: Irena Hair by Boudoir

Footwear ::: Lydie D. Booties by Ingenue

Necklace ::: Violette Cut Bead Boho by Maxi Gossamer

Bottom Photo Lingerie ::: Delice Lingerie by Erratic

Sim ::: The Pink Velvet Club


The New Dawn ♥

The new Dawn – click to see full image

For the longest time, I was wearing the Al Vulo Sarah Shine Sunkissed Skin. I bought it year 2013 and I promised myself that I won’t ever change how my avi looked. Many people liked my avatar, I get many compliments and so I was very confident that there is no need for me to give in to this whole mesh head craze.

Well, I was wrong. I gave in to the craze and maybe I will not regret it (LOL). When I first showed this to my boyfriend, he was a bit hesitant and he felt like it does not represent me. We were both really feeling weird about me having a new skin as we are both so used to the sweet image that my previous avatar has. It was my friend Abbey Bigboots who tagged me to a blog post on Facebook and encouraged me to check out this very cute skin. I thought it was just one of those mesh head + skins that I will probably try the demo and then trash it. I am not going to lie, I did not like this skin when I bought it and wore it for the first three days … I kinda miss the “sweet looking Dawn”. So I wore the skin and never took it off. I stared at it and was trying to figure out what hair will look best in her and how will I make her look sweet.

Last night, after a long day at RL work and before going to bed, I logged in to SL. I stared at her for a long time and rotated her while she was on a pose stand. I dressed her up with my favorite dress, hair and shoes that my old skin hasn’t worn before. I think she is starting to be the Dawn that I want her to be.  She has that classy, kinda dominant and that “dont you dare f*ck with me” look (Yay!). I think what really cracked me up was when my boyfriend’s avatar saw the new me all glammed up and I was trying to make my avi flirt with him and then he said “I feel like I am cheating on the old Dawn but, it is allowed.” (LOL) Such a horndog :p


I would like to give props to the gorgeous Lara Hurley – she is the creator of my skin. She was very sweet when I reached out to her and asked so many noob questions regarding my new skin. I promised her that I will send her a photo of Dawn once I am done making her the “Dawn” I want her to be. By the way, Lara Hurley also informed me that she will be updating the Aria Skin applier, adding make up and tattoo layers, since Alex Logo Mesh Head  was updated recently. If you were like me who purchased the Aria Skin Applier exclusively made for Alex Logo, then be sure to visit the store one of these days and hit the Redeliver Terminal for an updated version of the skin applier.

I also want to say thank you to Abbey Bigboots and Melangel Thespian who guided me so patiently on how to apply the Omegas and the default mesh head (Yes, I was that noob!). Special thanks also to my pretty sistah for life Sibyl Vane, the super helpful group members of Omega Appliers Systems Support and Fifty Linden Friday for giving me tips and sharing their knowledge on how to use the huds and where to get the best deals to make my avatar look even more beautiful.

I am happy with the new me on Second life. I don’t want to sound so shallow, but I realized that I really need a change and this new skin is a perfect representation of the new role I am playing inworld. This is definitely The New Dawn.

My outfit and details on the new skin and mesh head

Mesh Head ::: Alex Mesh Head from LOGO

Skin ::: Aria Dark skin tone Applier from Lara Hurley

Hair ::: Tako Rigged from !Ohmai! Salon

Dress ::: Skater Dress Floral from Tres Blah

Necklace ::: Pearl Necklaces Combo White from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery

Earrings ::: Simple Pearl Earring from Curious Kitties on Marketplace

Sim ::: Botanical – Seasonal Landscaping